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KPTU Struggle continues fighting against mass layoffs


- Almost 1,000 workers were dismissed last year
- 605 workers of Eastar Jet, 225 irregular workers at KORAIL Networks and customer service, 100 cleaning workers at LG Twin Tower and Asiana KO, and more

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Korea last year,the aviation sector was the hardest impacted among industries. Although the government provided subsidies to companies for job retention for those affected industries, the management carried out restructure without proper consultation with the labour making an excuse of COVID-19. Since last May, subcontracted cleaning workers of Asiana KO who are in charge of cleaning of aircraft began a sit-down strike in front of Seoul Regional Employment and LabourAdministration. In case of Eastar Jet, nevertheless the management already dismissed 605 workers last Octobre, it planned to carry out another restructure of dismissal of at least 100 workers for its procedure of corporate rehabilitation this year.

Since last Novembre, workers at KORAIL Networks and customer service began a sit-down strike, demanding the management to apply wages and retirement ages agreed on the 2019 CBA. In the meantime, 225workers lost their jobs due to the management didn&rsquot implementing the 2019 CBA.

Cleaning workers at LG Twin tower, mainly in their 60s and female, are carrying out a sit-down strike for almost 2 months against unilateral termination of contract. On the surface, LG insisted that there had been complaints regarding the quality of cleaning work and it had to change contractors for the job. However later it was revealed that the company who is dealing with a selection of cleaning company was owned by two aunts of LG CEO and LG may have been deeply involved in the decision of the termination of contract. Main reason LG notified the workers of contract termination was because they established the labour .

Workers around the world are going through the hardest moments ever in their lives in the midst of the unprecedented crisis ofCOVID-19 pandemic. Particularly, the reality is much harsher for precarious workers. Most of them are not protected by either labour related laws or the government without guarantee of proper social insurance protection. Although those workers who were dismissed amid COVID-19 are from different sectors and companies, what the works that they had provided us are key for the society to keep going. Thus the struggle of the KPTU is being done and will continue.

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