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KPTU-KRWU KORAIL Networks and Customer Service Centre branches carry out a general strike


KPTU-KRWU KORAIL Networks(KN) branch and KORAIL Customer Service Centre branch carry out a general strike demanding improvement of working conditions on 11 November

KN and KORAIL Customer Service Centre are a subsidiary company in charge of parking, operation of passenger vehicles, selling tickets, customer service, KTX express cargo and so on.

KN workers are doing the same job as regular workers of KORAIL at 131 train stations.
The only differences are wage and working conditions including holidays and other benefits.

In 2018, the KORAIL promised to improve wages by stages toward around 80% of regular workers' wages for those who are taking charge of similar jobs of regular workers. Yet, most workers in KN receive a minimum wage.

In particular, both branches said that despite the condition of the outsourcing contract with the KORAIL improved the management has been insisting on no pay rise using the government guidelines on public corporations as an excuse.

Also the management has not implemented the extension of retirement age of 1 year, which was signed an agreement last year and ignored the administrative order regarding the retirement age agreement from the Ministry of Employment and Labour.

A few managers of the management even blackmail members who have fixed-term contracts forcing them not to join the strike.

Both branches will stage rallies tomorrow in front of Seoul and Busan station for winning the strike and to denounce the Ministries of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and Economy and Finances who have authorities on KORAIL.