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Boycott LG campaign launched to stand in solidarity with LG Twin Tower cleaning workers


80 LG Twin Tower cleaning workers were notified de facto mass layoffs from the company for making an excuse of changing the contracting company on 30, Novembre 2020. They were in the negotiation process with Jisu Inc. after they organised a trade as KPTU LG Twin Tower chapter in Octobre 2019. During the negotiation process, KPTU LG Twin Tower chapter expressed that it could compromise controversial issues such as extension of retirement age to 70 and a scope of hourly wage increase.

The management insisted that it ended the contract with workers due to dissatisfaction of LG. However, the workers had done their jobs without any problems at all for the last 10 years. Moreover among those who were on the list of layoffs there were a few who received outstanding employee awards several times. The time when complaints from LG were raised was about the same time as the trade established.

KPTU LG Twin Tower chapter began an infinite sit-down strike demanding withdrawal of massive layoffs on 16 Decembre 2020 and it is passing 21 days. A new contracting company notified the workers that it would not continue having a contract with them on 1, January 2021. Furthermore, LG. shut down electricity, and banned bringing in meals by closure of all entrances to the building at the very first weekend of 2021. "We don't hire them directly so we don't have anything to say about the situation," LG said.

But, S&I Corp. that LG outsourced a building management is a 100% subsidiary company of LG Corp., a holding company of LG. Jisu Inc. that signed a contract with S&I Corp. is owned by 2 aunts of the CEO of LG who divide shares of 50% each, which means a "family company." In which means LG is the one that has to hold accountable regarding this mass layoffs.

Thus the people came forward to stand with the cleaning workers urging LG to resolve the situation. They are carrying out a donation campaign of &lsquosolidarity for a meal&rsquo and collecting over 20,000 peoples' signatures to demand withdrawal of mass layoffs. "Coalition for resolution of mass layoffs of LG Twin Tower cleaning workers" consistent with about 60 CSOs started a boycott LG campaign targeting LG Electronics, LG Household & Health Care and LG U+ on 4 January.

Conventionally, in this situation workers&rsquo employment is transferred. After 2011, the government set a 'Guidelines for the protection of working conditions for subcontract workers,' which contains the content that "when signing a contract with subcontracting company, succession of employment is required unless there are special circumstances." Most public institutions comply with the guidelines, and the private sector is also increasingly stipulating the employment succession of subcontract workers when changing companies.
LG should immediately announce to succeed the employment of the cleaning workers.